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There is a better way
to read MountainWings each  day.

Read MountainWings from the website!
  The type is bigger,
  The page is prettier
  It is much easier to read
  You don’t have to wait on the email
(Issue is posted at midnight eastern time each day)
  If you are having trouble getting MW by email

#1. You can easily make the current issue for the day your homepage
#2. Put a shortcut on your desktop to the daily issue of MountainWings.

Click below to make the daily issue of MountainWings your homepage.
This means that each time you open your internet browser, the first page
will be the issue of MountainWings for the day. 
Click the line below


Here is a quick and very easy way to put a shortcut to the daily 
issue of MountainWings on your desktop:

1. Click Here for “Today's Issue"
2. Once Today's Issue  loads, RIGHT Click on a blank area of the 
     page and select "Create Shortcut"  ("Right Click" is using the 
     RIGHT mouse button, not the left. Make sure it's the right.) 
3. Click "OK" when it says, "a shortcut to the current page  will 
     be created on your desktop."

That's it!

There will now be an icon on your desktop.  Just click it each 
day and you will be immediately taken to the current issue of 

You may also create a hotkey for the icon that makes it even 
easier to read MountainWings each day.  This is how to do that:

1. RIGHT Click on the new MountainWings icon on your desktop. 
         Note: Right click again, not left click. 
2. Click "Properties"
3. In the field called "Shortcut" type the letter "M" 
4. Ctrl + Alt + M will be automatically put in the field 
5. Click OK

Now from any program on your computer, just press Ctrl and Alt 
and M all at the same time and you will be immediately taken to 
the current issue of MountainWings.

There are times when there is a problem with e-mail delivery, 
either on our end or on your end.  The MountainWings website is 
totally independent of e-mail delivery and will be there even 
if there are e-mail problems.  Just be sure to keep your e-mail 
subscription just in case there are problems with the website.

Many have complained from other countries that it is afternoon 
by the time they get MountainWings.  Now you won't have to wait 
until MountainWings is sent by e-mail.  You can read the current 
issue anytime after midnight.  The issue for each day is uploaded 
at midnight Eastern Time.

You will now have the web page issue as well as the e-mail issue 
to guarantee MountainWings will always be there.

The web address for the current MountainWings issue each day is:
(For instructions on how to restore your homepage CLICK HERE)

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler. 
Albert Einstein 

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.

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