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If you are not receiving MountainWings
try the steps below:

There is a better way to read MountainWings each day by putting a shortcut on your desktop.  Simply click the link below to learn about this.

Remember, if you miss a MountainWings issue, you can always view the current and past issues by clicking "Past Issues" at

FIRST STEP, add the email address that MountainWings is sent from: to your SafeSendersList.
CLICK HERE for instructions on how to add to your Safe Senders List at

There are 3 major reasons why you may not be receiving MountainWings.  Please read ALL 3 reasons below and their solutions.

Since the first issue of MountainWings on Jan. 1, 2001, we have only missed two issues, one when my wife delivered our third son.  Things are now more automated, (with MountainWings, not baby deliveries) so we don’t expect to miss any more.

If you are missing issues, it is not because we are not sending them, please read on to find possible causes.

If you have NEVER received an issue and have difficulty subscribing, you can also subscribe by simply sending an email “FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS” that you want to subscribe to 
You can leave the email blank, just send it to that email address FROM the address that you want to subscribe.

If you were receiving MountainWings and it suddenly stopped or if you subscribed and don’t get issues, there are several possibilities:

1. Your internet or email provider maybe blocking your MountainWings delivery.

If you think your internet or email provider may be blocking MountainWings, copy and paste the paragraph below into a new message and email this to your internet or email provider.


I have subscribed to a daily email called MountainWings at 

I contacted MountainWings and they replied that my address
is still on their mailing list and MountainWings is being
sent to me each day but I am not receiving it. 

Can you please check to make sure MountainWings is NOT
blocked from delivery to me.

The internet address from which MountainWings is sent is: IP address []

2. Your email address could have been placed on hold by the MountainWings mailer due to delivery failures, because you couldn't receive email from us.

Delivery failures occur for many reasons, a discontinued email address, a full inbox, or an email server or net connection that is down temporarily are the major reasons.

3. Somehow, you could have accidentally un-subscribed or someone else could have un-subscribed you.  If you were un-subscribed, you would receive an email saying that you had been un-subscribed

***To remedy either #2 or #3, just go to and re-subscribe.

After re-subscribing, you'll get an email within ten minutes either saying that you are subscribed or that your address was removed from hold.

If you do not get an email within 30 minutes of re-subscribing, then most likely your email address is blocked by your internet provider.  

Thanks and we hope you get back with us soon.

We hope this solves the problem.
If not, then you may not be able to receive the Email version if your internet or email provider won’t respond.  Often the customer rep may not even know whether something is blocked or not.  If that is the case, you will need to click here and read the web version each day.  The web version is posted at midnight EST daily.


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